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Built for your fleet : A smarter way to manage waste In this success story, you’ll learn how Prometheus Informaticspowers their unique waste management platform with the TomTom Navigation SDK. With TomTom and Prometheus’ jointsolution, every step of the process is made easier – helping waste management fleets save time and money while keepingthe streets […]


Built for your fleet : Delivering the goods on time How does Sygic meet its clients’ unique routing needs? It startswith unmatched location and traffic data from TomTom. Checkout our success story to learn how their Professional Navigation solution harnesses TomTom map data to plan the best routes fordeliveries, plus TomTom Traffic info for ultra-reliable […]


Built for your fleet : Accurate addresses for on-time deliveries Read our success story to learn why TomTom geolocation techis the secret to SimpliRoute’s success. You’ll discover how wehelped solve their growing pains, co-creating a powerful geolocation engine that allows the company’s ever-expandingclient base to calculate routes and arrival times with extreme accuracy. Lets get […]