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Hybrid Cloud Visibility and AIOps

Hybrid Cloud Visibility and AIOps Enterprises worldwide are turning to hybrid cloud environments to benefit from cloud technologies while maintaining security and control over data and applications. The hybrid approach, in which private cloud services, which may incorporate on-premises datacenter resources, are paired with public cloud services from the likes of AWS, Microsoft Azure, and […]

Planning & Execution Guide logichron

Active planning for tech companies Planning and Execution in a Changing World Can your planning systems keep up with new realities? If you don’t have a strategy for connecting the way you plan to the way you execute and analyse, the answer is no. Read this guide to discover how a new approach to planning […]

The Ultimate Guide to Calculating Marketing Campaign ROI

The Ultimate Guide to Calculating Marketing Campaign ROI Marketing attribution is key to determining how various channels, messages, and offers impact customers’ decisions. Successful ROI measurement can result in optimized marketing spend, higher conversion rates, improved personalization, optimized creative assets, and improved product development. The more customer data you have, the more powerful and precise […]