US Gig Economy Report

Convenience drives consumers’ willingness to spend on gig services.
TransUnion recently conducted our semi-annual study to better
understand consumer attitudes and behaviors of those who used gig
platforms. The survey found overall spending on gig services dipped
compared to last year, but demand remained strong — especially among
younger consumers who continued to use a wide range of services and

The study also revealed a variety of motivations and influences played an
important role in determining whether and what type of gig platform
people decided to use. Findings include:

• Demand remained strongest among younger consumers. Millennials
and Gen Z were the top spenders with about a third of each group
reporting they spend between $250 and $750 per month on gig services.

• Demand cooled the most among Baby Boomers as 71% reported
spending less than $100 per month on gig services.

• Fraudsters and scammers were very active on gig platforms; 34% of
consumers said they were a victim of fraud or a scam while using one,
up significantly (28%) from last year.

• More than 75% of consumers said they’d switch providers or stop using
an app if they were victimized by fraud.

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US Gig Economy Report