The business value of Red Hat Ansible
Automation Platform

IDC interviewed Red Hat customers to explore the benefits of
using Red Hat® Ansible® Automation Platform. Research showed
significant ROI, improved efficiency in many areas, and payback
of the original investment in just 8 months.

The report includes a comprehensive review of benefits to
development, operations, and business teams, the measurement
of key performance indicators, and an in-depth analysis of
findings with easy-to-read charts and statistics.

See how enterprise-wide use of Red Hat® Ansible® Automation
Platform resulted in:

– More agile and flexible IT operations, reducing time required
for provisioning, configuration, and security activities.
– Improved IT and systems reliability, quality, and scalability that
provided better user and customer experiences.
– Significant Day 2 efficiencies freeing up IT teams to support
innovation and other business priorities.
– Improved business outcomes including better serving existing
customers, capturing more revenue, and addressing business
opportunities sooner.

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