Navigate Through the
Complex World of Cosmetic

Navigating the complex landscape of global cosmetic regulations is a significant challenge for manufacturers. With each region featuring its own unique regulatory framework, achieving worldwide compliance is a meticulous task. This white paper guides businesses through the regulatory intricacies of key markets—EU, UK, and North America— offering crucial insights and equipping you with the knowledge to meet stringent compliance standards.

What you will learn from this white paper is:

  • The significance of assigning a Responsible Person (RP) and their role in ensuring compliance.
  • The intricacies of product formulation and ingredient compliance, including prohibited and restricted substances.
  • The importance of product safety assessments, labelling requirements, and the Product Information File (PIF) for market readiness.
  • Key regulatory bodies and notification processes required for market entry in different regions.

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Lascom - Global Cosmetic Regulatory Context - UK