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Clavister introduces EasyAccess and EasyPassword – combining increased security and improved user experience for Identity and Access Management
  • Outstanding end user experience
  • Improved identity access security
  • Off-load IT departments and lower cost


Örnsköldvik, Sweden, June XX, Clavister launches new products to meet the growing complexity in managing identities of users and ensuring that correct access is provided at all times. These new products are designed to improve end user experience and IT administration efficiency.

These products are launched at a time where the vast majority of hacking-related breaches leverage stolen and/or weak passwords. In addition, as customers are accessing critical business data in popular cloud services, the security perimeter has shifted from only password to identification of user.  

Clavister’s newly released software products, EasyAccess and EasyPassword, will mitigate those critical market requirements by automating and consolidating the processes for access and password management. 

“IT managers are worried about the discipline that their users apply to their password complexity as it’s natural for users to take shortcuts in complex login procedures.  With these new products, we will be able resolve both the security and user experience aspects with a very attractive price.” states Thomas Vasen, Commercial Solution Manager at Clavister.

With EasyAccess and EasyPassword combined with Clavister OneTouch, there is now a complete and integrated package with all security measures built in from start. The package ensures vastly simplified experience for end users enabling direct secure access to VPN, SaaS services and on-premises web applications with single-sign-on.

The package includes mobile application enabling biometric authorization during the MFA process – and Clavister OnePass – a simplified One Time Password solution not requiring any 3rd party key Fob MFA device.  

Offered as an on-premises virtual appliance it comes at a price structure that accommodates   different customer sizes and needs as low as 2 euro/month/user for the entire solution.

Clavister EasyAccess is available in two packages: a Product Subscription providing RADIUS authentication and for multi-factor authentication compatible with any firewall vendors for VPN authentication – and a Security Subscription providing all functionality including a personal Single Sign On portal for access to SaaS applications.

EasyAccess and EasyPassword are integral parts of Clavister’s holistic portfolio and thus tightly integrated with the rest of Clavister’s cybersecurity solutions.

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